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LESC BHCC Hires New IT Director

LESC BHCC’s new IT Director, Mohsin Sardar, recently joined the team to help manage and monitor the implementation of the Patient Care Coordination and Data Analytics Platform, which will enable LESC BHCC partner agencies to track, monitor, and share patient-related health records and evaluate data for their Medicaid patients.

In 2019, Mohsin will be focused on creating a dashboard and analytics platform that will allow LESC BHCC to:

  • Collect and analyze data from customized dashboards on client demographics, insurance/claims data, cost of care, population health data, Social Determinants of Health, gaps in care, and care coordination measures.

  • Use embedded predictive analytics dashboards to identify high cost or high-risk patients for interventions.

  • Use integrated dashboards for reporting of clinical/quality metrics and outcomes required by government agencies and managed care payers.

  • Facilitate the identification of improvement opportunities for collaborations with MCOs.

Mohsin Sardar has nine years of experience managing healthcare projects and driving technology systems, services and operations strategies that automate core processes and enhance patient experiences. He holds an MBA from Capella University in Minneapolis, and is completing his PhD in Data Science at North Central University.  Welcome Mohsin!

For more information about LESC BHCC’s data analytics and IT development work, visit the Work Plans folder in Dropbox and read the latest “Year 2 Work Plan Update.”

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